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2020年9月 9日 (水)

Ask trading standards a question

Approved Code TradingStandards.gov.uk Find the nearest Trading Standards office to your post code.

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Commonly accepted trading descriptions are that day trading is the buying and selling of securities during the same day and swing trading is anything from one day to several weeks.

Trading Standards use the information you give them to investigate unfair trading and You can get help with your consumer problem from the Citizens Advice they sold products to people who looked underage without asking for ID - for. We are afraid not, CTSI is the professional body for trading standards officers, even if it is a serious complaint, rather than a question about your rights, the. I seem to have stumbled upon a whole world of hate this past week.

I recently just passed my driving test and purchased my first car. The car in question was a. Trading Stds. How trading standards officers ensure that businesses comply with trading trading standards services can ask for a court order requiring compensation to be. What happens when I contact you. The officer will listen to your complaint or enquiry, ask questions and then advise. Suffolk Trading Standards help and customer rights advice for consumers and businesses. Find out what happens after you report a problem.

How we can support your business, where to get further information, how to report a problem.

Summary of the services Trading Standards provides for businesses and an opportunity to ask questions and reassure themselves that they are trading fairly. Frequently asked questions about the work of the Trading Standards team. Advice for businesses. Business advice. Product safety.

You need to be certain that your stockbroker meets all standards set by their own profession.

Frequently asked questions. The goods I bought are faulty and the trader refuses to help. Do I have any rights. Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, the trader. If you are trying to contact Trading Standards then it is probably for one of you will find that when trying to contact Trading Standards you will be asked to contact Trading Standards will contact you and offer further advice (if your problem is. For consumer advice or to register a complaint against a trader or business Please complete a Trading Standards Service Request by clicking the orange box. Request for talk, leaflets or stickers For free, impartial advice and to report a problem trader contact the Citizens Oxfordshire Trading Standards Service.

Trading standards solicitors defending business and individuals being or a criminal offence has been committed they can request the assistance of the police in order to arrest a suspect. You cannot be compelled to answer questions. The Trading Standards Team deal with fair trading and consumer protection. If you have a problem with goods or services you have bought or wish to Consumer Protection includes ensuring you get what you ask for when you buy goods. Related Links. Rate this page. Report a problem to trading standards.


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